🔷 PS Audio Sprout100

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  • 384KHz/24-Bit USB and Optical DAC in (Sabre 9016), Analog out and in, Phono pre in, sub out
  • 100wpc @ 4ohms & 50wpc @ 8ohms speaker out, 500mw @ 32ohms & 125mw @ 300ohms headphone out (actually pretty good)
  • Fits on a desk, warmer sound, remote

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I LOVE my sprout100. I have it paired with martin logan motion 4i and a cambridge audio minx201. response is fairly smooth with a chunck of warmth. The sprout100 has a warm tuned dac that for me works very well with the 4i’s as they have a smaller woofer and powerful tweeter. the minx201 seamlessly transitions with the 4i’s in my setup. But(all ways a catch) i have my minx201 behind my monitor in a corner setup pointed at me. I mention this because the sprout100 auto crosses over at 120hz if you have a subwoofer connected to the sub out. That means with a sub, some vocals and bass notes will come from the sub making sub placement more directional when combined with it.

With the sub out crossover flaw aside, as that will eliminate a chunck of people from wanting to use it nearfield/pc setup, I feel it is the best all in one for around the price it offers. The bass boost option if you do not have a sub, enhances the low end a healthy amount. But might be boomy with ported speakers.

I will be using my sprout100 with my pc for the far future as the setup meets my needs and it provides more then enough juice for nearfield.


What do you think of the headphone out? I think it’s quite good for a mainly speaker amp

its excellent, I use it for all my headphones that are not my t60rp’s. it will drive the t60rp’s loud, but not with the impact of a more powerful amp. but none of my other headphones are that demanding and sound great with it. it has a really good headphone out for most cans.

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I’ve been traveling a lot and I didn’t have my Sprout hooked up in any case as I was running my speakers and turntable off another amp. I hooked it back up to run the ps4 through it and fell in love with it all over again. I’ve mainly been using the headphone out and it’s really great


Ok… Been listening for about a week now, Sprout100 was money well spent imo.

I have Micca RB42’s and DIY Overnight Sensation speakers… They both sound equally great. Definitely a step up from my tone board and Mica Origain. I do not have exp with anything else so it is difficult to compare to anything else. My 2 sets of speakers sound great (to me). I listened to EDM, Acoustic, Rock, Metal, Blues…

I only have 1 pair of headphones, the HD58X’s. They also sound a step up from my Micca Origen and ifi nano bl. They are cleaner and less fatiguing at a higher volume level. I thought the HD58X were great already. The sprout100 really made them even better (to me). Really curious how the Sprout and the 789 will compare once i get my 789.

Bottom line, Zero regret for spending $600 for this product.


My setup…


It would seem that the Sprout is an ideal location for ants to make a home, must be the warmth of the amp… This time of year in the Philippines as the weather/climate changes insect activity changes as well. It seems that some(100’s) ants found my dry/warm Sprout to be a suitable new home as the rainy season starts.I am thinking they all came from hatched eggs because there are no ants anywhere else…
Had to take it apart and spray to down with iso alcohol to kill them all. once it drys I will blow it out with canned air…


EDIT: I was right, blowing it our I removed a ton of ant eggs… WTF!!!

Would of thought it to warm, guess not. That sucks!

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I came here to say the headphone out is pretty good but I see it’s already well documented. So far I haven’t found it to be all that good in terms of depth but everything else is pretty decent.

Bought this for an eventual near field solution but it’s proving to be handy and capable during a transition period I’m in.