PSA from z regarding the x2hr


When QA takes Friday off…

The HR stands for Hourly Rate, as in how low it has to get for people to stop caring enough to let this pass

all this talk about QA and silent revisions and 6 screws is making me nervous

That’s not even a related product lol. That’s just old hifiman, and new hifiman products aren’t really a concern anymore

Really depends on the company for if you really have to worry about QC or silent revisions

Training some new people on how to make headphones at TPV Technology Limited before they ramp up production for the X3s maybe?

The Fidelio line has gone through several OEM manufacturers. Philips/Woox->Gibson->TPV perhaps more I’m unaware of.

Could be the case, or it’s an innovative headphone design change lol

Makes you feel like your in a tornado of sound

So essentially a hardware of the garbage “8D Audio” things on youtube lol