Punching Above its Pricetag

I’m looking for a home theater set that clearly punches above its pricetag.

From my experience with tech, there’s always a manufacturer or product that could sell for more than they actually do. For example the HD6xx more often than not get compared to headphones in the 400-500$ pricerange while costing 200$.

I don’t have a specific budget in mind, of course the cheaper the better but if a 2000$ set sounds like other 10000$ sets that would be a great option aswell.

Does a thing like this exist in home theater sets?

Also I heard that buying a set instead of configuring it yourself is better because the sound is made to fit and balance out. Is that always true?

Home theater is a harsh environment unlike the headphone world. Watch Zeos vids on home theatre hes got solid points. With that said here is my suggestion. You got $2000 so i assume your buying within the USA.

Denon AVR-X3600H is going for 799.00 right now and order a set of micca 0o0 to go along with your new AVR thats $900. Get everything hooked up then figure out which way to go while playing with your new gear.

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Here is a company to educate and familiarize yourself with, there may be something here that works for you. Good luck and happy listening.


I find speaker selection far less critical for home theater, you want something with decent tonality, a good center channel and a decent Sub, but room correction and 5+.1+ will hide a whole litany of speaker problems.


If there’s one thing I will recommend about HT, it would be never buy a AVR new. Always go for used or refurb you will save a ton of money as most receivers sell for a fraction of their price on the used market.

Other than that I would say a good sub is a must. I would probably say try to spend as much on the sub as you do the other components.


Thank you all for your replies!

Would you recommend them only as a center speaker or could you see someone buy 5 of them plus a sub as a 5.1 setup?

Thats the problem I have with most home theater reviews. I’m not a very critical listener but I want it to make sense to get good quality or even lossless media and listen to music using it as a stereo setup.
That’s why at least for the left and right channel I’m looking for something above average.

Also as a general follow up question:
Why is it so hard to find frequency response graphs for speakers and next to impossible for multi speaker setups?
I know that graphs lie, but I’m looking for a sound signature that’s as neutral as possible and that’s quite obvious on graphs most of the time. And for multi speaker setups it would be great to see how the sound behaves at the transitions from SW to woofer and woofer to tweeter.

You could but im thinking cheap good test speakers for the denon 3600. The receiver got 11ch’s to mess with and the miccas have threads for wall mount. Personally i picked up 2 sets for atmos, in a small room theyre great as height ch.

You want to use the AVR for music too, buy a audiophile stereo amp with L/R speakers that sound good. Room correction and a minidsp will get you the flat graphs to a point.

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Which speaker do you use as a center channel?
In his HT 101 video, Zeos says that it’s important to match center, left and right so there are no harsh transitions with moving sound sources. He also says that the center speaker should be the best you can get from the get-go because you can’t just use it in the back. So I want to get that right^^

centerspeakerzone.com recommends the Klipsch RP-250C as the best overall center speaker, does that sound about right?

PS: I can imagine getting the miccas as sattelites

Best kinda still is subjective :slight_smile: Some might say it’s the worst ?
I’d say it’s more of a good choice for the price or just a choice.

If you like the sound the L & R speakers produces, it makes plenty of sense to get a matching center.
If the speaker series has L, R and C that match. Klipsch RP- has these of course.
Since i’m more of “HC” HT person. Also the surround speakers should match the sound, sounds similar.

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Whats the of the size room, is it a dedicated HT, what type of video playback tv/projector or both. Will the screen be acoustical transparent?

got some micca RB42C/klipsch 600M LCR but the center will be punted off to the secondary AVR or a bedroom. Matching front stage is ideal but if you got audiophile L/R with a killer center to my ear at reference you will live. Keep in mind speaker sensitivity of those nice HIFI L/R speakers, lot of them need power to drive enter external amps. Hence suggesting the denon 3600 this AVR will give you room to grow.

Then there is LFE, you could go the bottom up route. buy a set of L/R speakers that sound good with the idea they will be sent to the rear ch later and pick up a sub. On the cheap neumi BS5 $89 instead of the miccas, ill leave choosing a sub to your wallet. only suggestion would be to not go smaller than 12in. when you are sitting down listening to your 2.1 system order another identical sub for a dual subwoofer (preferably “front stage”) setup.

I went with klipsch reference premiere for price sensitivity availability center options and they sound good to me. If you decide klipsch center id go with RP600M-C or RP450C.

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It will probably never be a dedicated HT room, so I’m looking for a great center speaker with bookshelf speakers as L and R channels and some small stuff as satellites.
The upgrade to a projector will hopefully come at some point too…

Do you know ELAC speakers?
I’m currently looking at the ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 UC52 and the Klipsch RP-500C because they are almost the same price. The Klipsch is 320€ and the ELAC 350€ instead of 400 because it’s a more or less local manufacturer.

Also, what’s the difference in clarity between the RP-500C and RP-600C?
The tweeters are identical and the woofers don’t need to be big for a decent midrange…

Thats were the tone comes in when using a center i feel. Most of the home mixes for surround get funneled through center. vocal tone musical score ambient sound effects. Ideal would be a center that can handle full range.

Since you can get a good price on ELAC buy the biggest ELAC center you can afford. the difference between klipsch 500/600 is range and cabinet size. The closer to full range the better in my opinion. I have a pair of klipsch R-15 and the RP600m x1 larger cabinet is way better at creating scale, depth of field, soundstage. If i was a serious HT nut id get a klipsch RC-64 III.

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Interesting description on woofer size and tonality. Bigger might not always be better.

Might seriously consider these as my left and right channel for a home theater I am updating. I have the 520C as my center for the time being.

Though might just be overkill for a bedroom setup that I am really considering them for.

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I just bought these from JBL on sale ($197 each). I had recently purchased a pair of Jamo S809’s on sale from Amazon. I have a Denon AVR S540BT which does not have a lot of power. I figured the Jamo’s efficient high sensitivity would be the best match. I was able to return the Jamo’s back to Amazon. I have a Micca RB 42-C for the center and a pair of Neumi’s for the satellites. I also have as Pioneer sub to complete the HT. I am hoping the Denon can push the JBL’s.
P.S. I also bought the JBL Studio 520CBK renewed from Amazon for $171. All of this based on the Zeos Review.

Thanks for linking the video, it’s a very interesting take.
Sadly you can’t buy JBL Studios in europe at all. The website doesn’t even show them and on amazon nothing is available for delivery.

It might a good thing? Someone at HarmanAudio made a decision not to ship them.
EU region has plenty of good speakers at similar price point.

The klipsch RP450c is going for $349.00 on amazon, good deal. saw on GRresearch youtube mod video, the crossovers in these the inner woofer is midbass only and the outer all bass.

So you would recommend the 450C over the 600C?
Because I can get the 600C for 340€, that’s like 400$ only 50$ more.