Punk/ Metal pls




Punk + Metal = Doyle!

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america v’ s uk punk glam off lol…

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Post-hardcore punk

mmm. Probably Garbage

Not everyone’s piece of cake and their style varies for some albums.

I guess Arctic Monkeys falls into that rock punk type music too…kinda

Hollywood Undead: Swan Songs album has a few songs in the rock spectrum and rock alternative spectrum. They do a lot of stuff between rap? (Eminem style), rock, alternative and pop?

Jukebox the ghost: more indie rock than punk rock. but hey they have some good songs.

Flyleaf: perhaps

Then of course in the rock spectrum you have to mention Judas priest and Def Lepard.

edit: wanted to throw some dropbox links directly to some songs. But the site doesn’t handle them well.

I love the Melodic Death Metal bands Wolfheart and Insomnium.



Sub 00:02:00

What IS it ISN’T punk is an unwinnable debate. What is definitely NOT a debate is that NOFX is absolutely NOT punk.

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I’d say it’s pop-punk, probably.

At best, yes I agree.

I guess you could say the same about Mr. Danzig. Though I’m going to go a completely different direction choice of song and video.

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