Purchase advice for Music and Gaming

Hi guys, need some help to buy some Headphones. I actually have the HD 598 and i want to upgrade. I have 300$ to spend. I ill game and listen to music ( Metal/HipHop/EDM Music ) and i already have a AMP (Fiio K3). My main options are sennheiser HD 650 or beyerdynamic DT 880/990 premium versions But I’m free to other options. Thanks for the help.

If you game more than music, you might want to consider the hd58x. It’s got better imaging and soundstage then the 6xx, plus, it’s better suited to the music you would listen to then the 6xx. The 6xx isn’t that great for electronic music and metal, as it kinda lacks a bit of subbass and high end, and kinda isn’t great with separation for metal. The 600 ohm dt880 is really good as well, for both music and gaming, but the 58x is slightly better preforming for music

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58x or the 660 is much better for gaming than the 650, the dt 880 is a good music / gaming can . allso the he 4xx is a nice option. but I thing the k3 might struggle to power the 250 ohm versions of the beyers and the 4xx I would put a minimum tof at leaast one of the $100 amps

Yeah, I would agree with needing a more powerful amp for a 4xx, but I would also say that the 880 250 ohm should run just fine off the k3. I would only see it struggling with the 600ohm

From my experience the e10k got my 990 just enough. To be loud but not stupid loud. Their was almost no headroom.

And the k3 is a bit weaker though the single ended

The reason I say this is because my fiio q1 mk2 can actually drive my 770 250 ohm to louder then normal volume levels on high gain just fine

yes but the main difference is the 880 and the 990 are both open back. and the 770 has more isolation due to it being a very closed headphone soyou get every single ounce of sound.

True, but I don’t think it would be that huge of a difference. They can still get fairly loud

Don’t get me wrong it gets loud their is just no headroom for it.

I can agree with that

Since I live in Europe and there are no active drops at the moment I should go for the DT 880 or 990 premium

for gaming the 990 for both the 880

Like riceguru said the 880 is a better mixed usage can, but the 990 is slightly better for competitive gaming