Purchase advice

I am really into vocals/percussion/string music. Instruments like bongos, congas, claves, guiros, acoustic guitar, violins, basically anything made out of wood I enjoy lol. I am looking for headphones in any price range that will do good with this kind of music.
As far as what I already have in my headphone collection: 4xx, 6xx, Aiva’s, Argons, Elex, and Aeolus.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!

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Seems as if you have a good range of headphones that would cover your likes! Have you listened to the Audeze LCD-2 CLASSICS?

Maybe demo some Stax :+1:

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Haven’t heard the LCD2C’s yet, but been interested in those for a while. I’ve also been looking at Hifiman Arya’s, wonder which of those 2 would be better for this kind of music. Unfortunately, I have no place to demos these headphones :’(

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I would say that I much prefer the Arya to the LCD 2 classics. The Arya presentation is much more engaging imo then the LCD 2 classics and really is a higher tier of headphone compared to the classics. They just have a sense of space and stage that the classics can’t really rival

Stax headphones are very interesting as well, but their main downside is the strange sounding timbre.

Grados are very good with strings.