Purchase progression advice needed

Headphones I’m leaning towards are the Sundaras, Elex, and LCD-2C. Current thought is starting with the sundaras and in a few months adding one or both of the others. Reasoning for the order is starting with the “worst” of the three in the sundaras, leaving room for an upgrade without having to venture into the $1000+ territory vs starting straight off with the elex or 2C. Is my logic logical or am I just going crazy??

As for the amp/dac, I’m pretty lost. Was previously set on a modius magnius stack, but the more I research and read reviews the more conflicted I get. With so many options available and so many conflicting reviews and opinions on each of those options it feels like I might as well let a random number generator pick for me. Biofrost 2? Jotunheim 2? A30/D30 Pro? Dethonray honey h1? Soft budget cap on the amp/dac is $400-600 unless otherwise convinced.

Any suggestions or advice?

Well, what type of sound are you after? What do you listen to and what would your sonic priorities be? Also what are you running now?

Personally for what cans you plan on, and that you are also not really fully settled on what cans you want to go with, I would go with something like a modius + asgard 3, that would provide pretty great sound for money, with good synergy for the above cans, and would let you test out those more midrange cans, and later down the line once you decide and want to take it further, you can upgrade the gear later down the line with proper synergy in mind.

Even if you have it as the “worst” it’s possible to enjoy the sundaras over the elex. In fact if I had to choose only once headphone forever I definitely would not choose the elex over the sundara. Altho I Def would be unable to live with the sundara either lol. For opposite reasons. Elex, too much slam. Too aggressive/engaging while the sundara too little slam not aggressive /engaging enough