Push scooters for kids - anyone here know anything about em?

my grandson is 7 and the one we bought for them 2 years ago is waaay to small now, so wife wants to get him something bigger and I hope something that has enough ergonomics so he doesn’t outgrow it too quickly. that’s probably not possible as I suspect he’s taller / heavier than average cause he comes from a family where everyone (but the women) are 6’ 2" and up.

bigger and inflatable wheels / tires and a handbrake are musts…lots of hills here and they go into dirt paths all the time.

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In my experience the Micro brand scooters are the best. We first got a radio flyer scooter and it was awful, hard wheels and no balance. All Micro stuff is good quality.

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micro brand? there are a bazillion and one different brands / names out there and I would probably define them as micro because nobody knows who they are, etc.

sooo…can you give me some examples of scooter micro brands to give me a benchmark?

This is the one: https://microkickboard.com/

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