Q acoustics 3030i detail

Hi all, I am finally looking to buy some modern speakers. I primarily listed to tech death and my Celestion sl600s arent quite up to the job. I understand that these should have enough overall ‘detail’. Question is do the low mids and bass get all fucked up? Anyone with these up to listen to Beyond Creation for me?

Let’s pretend I know enough about room acoustics and the usefulness of a sub with my sl600s to ignore the issue.

Zeos liked em in Zeos way.
They do things.

Many others have write good things about those speakers. Personally have not tested them.
The words i have seen did not actually mention “detailed” in the way i understand detailed with Studio Monitors levels of detailed.
As always. Testing if possible might be the way

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I used to have a pair and they were very impressive for the price. Great tone. Detail, bass and soundstage were all good, but the tone was just spot on. Voices and acoustic instruments just sounded so natural in a way none of the more expensive speakers I have been listening to since have done better.

Sorry that doesn’t answer your specific question but I wanted to chime in with my experience. Incredible value. I wouldn’t hesitate to try more Q Acoustic speakers in the future.

I had a pair of 3020i. IMO, The Q acoustic 30xx sound is not the best one for metal, specially tech death. It sounded like it lacked speed and attack. The snare and cymbal hits were more suited for jazz and blues. I sold the pair and got kef Q350. It handles metal very well.

Good to know, they sound like a great fit at least for the rest of my music!

Thanks for the input and the suggestion, Ill look in to those as well.

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