QDC 8SL vs Gemini vs Anole VX

I want to know what of theses is better, I see in Cri ranking that is the same rank but the graphs are different, so, want to know the op of the people.

Hey, I’m not sure if you are still interested in opinions but…I listened to these three in a audio store a few years ago and ending up purchasing the QDC 8 (to be honest I don’t remember if I got the 8SL or the 8SH, it’s definitely not the 8SS though). The reason I preferred the QDC 8 was simple, bass. There was more of it. Both the Gemini and the Anole VX felt a little bass light to me. If I recall correctly, the VX had a little more bass than the Gemini with the right switches. The Gemini felt a little boring, too neutral for my taste. Literally all the other aspects were very similar in my opinion. The VX might have had more of a sense of “air” in the treble compared the QDC 8. The switches are nice but…not necessary at all since they don’t make THAT much of a difference.

I remember comparing the Gemini and VX (and other top iems) extensively over multiple days and liking the VX better. And then the shop owner suggested one of the QDC 8s and I instantly liked it over the Gemini and eliminated it as a choice. My final decision was between the VX, QDC 8, 64audio u12t or u18t, and a distant possibility of a Shure electrostatic iem (lol). I ended up going with the QDC 8 due to the value it offered compared to the rest.

Final summary:
QDC 8 best value by far. Best bass out of all 3 in my opinion.
Gemini if you prefer neutrality (although I personally find it too neutral which made it a little boring compared to the other 2).
VX if you can want to splurge and want a few customizable switches (which imo do not add that much value)

Final point: Just trying to show how good the QDC 8 is, I went into this purchase with the goal to buy my final, dream, endgame IEM no matter the price. My goal at the time was after this purchase, there would be no more IEM purchases. In addition, I was living in China at the time and I was planning on leaving soon, the money I earned was too little to be much value when transferred so I decided to try and spend all of it. In other words, monetary restrictions were not part of my decision. Yet, I still chose the QDC 8 over the VX. Why? I simply felt it was good enough to my end game IEM forever, the VX was kind of overkill for me. I couldn’t hear THAT much of a difference.

Everyone is different so I strongly suggest you listen to them in person if you can. There might be specific aspects of VX or Gemini that make you like them over the 8. For me, it was the bass on the 8 that won me over.


Went with THIEAUDIO Monarch for the very same reasons. Endgame IEM for my tastes while saving tons of money.

I’ve actually purchased a slightly used Anole VX and it smokes the OG Monarch and new Monarch MKII in every category but the OG Monarch has its uses and has that insane sub-bass slam for $700 and is only 20% behind the VX. VX is an endgame for sure. may add a 7Hz planer IEM and that’s it for me. VX sound presentation heavily depends on the source, tips, and cable choice. it’s like a chameleon. The 360 sound the VX gives with the included double flange tips is out of this world. The most detailed/resolving IEM out there with no harshness. Harshness is from the source, not the IEM itself. it’s perfect on the Cayin N3 pro, Sony ZX500, and Sony NW-A55 but too bright on my 2016 15" Macbook Pro. So it reveals the truth about every source and Quality of recording.

It has bass that will surprise you. if the song before doesn’t have it, you’ll think meh…then a song with bass drops and you’re like OMG with an amazing layering of bass mids and treble. End game 100%

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Not sure I agree that it smokes the Monarchs or even most expensive IEMs in every category, however, it is simply the best piece of audio equipment you can buy at resolving that is also excellently tuned. Would I prefer more texture in the bass? Yes. Would I prefer a sub-bass shelf instead of the roll-off? Also, yes. Would I prefer the center imaging be more outside my head? Finally, yes.

Would I trade all of those faults for less resolution? Hell no. The monarch 2, U12t, Susvara, studio speakers are like listening to music in 1080p while the Anole VX is like listening to music in 4k.

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