QDC connector on Linsoul TRIPOWIN is curved the wrong way

[left: came with kz zs10 pro | right: Linsoul TRIPOWIN]
both are the right earpiece

I got a Linsoul TRIPOWIN cable and noticed that the conecctor is “curved” the other way compared to the cable that came with the kz so the cable sticks further away from the had.

With the BLON BL-03 it makes them twist out of the ear over time.
Now my question is wich of them is the “normal” one.
Or are the connectors on the TRIPOWIN wrong wich i thought at first

Blon 03 doesn’t use C-pin / QDC. They use something close to a TFZ / NX7 connector, but not quite. You can, however, use 2-pin on the Blon 03 even though it is not pretty. The Yinyoo cable that is sometimes sold along the Blon 03 is the only cable I know that fits well.

i just filed the sqare shape to a oval with a nail file and with tha cable that came with the kz cable its solid but with the tripowin it’s a little loser.

is this the one you mean and than another question is the 2.5mm always balanced / is this one balanced sins it has 4 sections on the plug nad no mic

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