QDC Uranus Review VS Moondrop KXXS

Here’s the review of the newest IEM from qdc, the Uranus - it’s a $219 hybrid (1DD+1BA) IEM From Antdroid.

tl;dr - it’s warm, laid-back, average resolution, intimate and non-fatiguing. I found it good for long listening sessions and wouldn’t recommend it for critical listening. The elevated upper-bass and lower-mids along with recessed mid-range seems a little out of place given everything else falls in line where it should. I like the tame treble and elevated upper-mid-range, however the weird lower response makes this sound a little overly warm and occasionally flabby at times. Resolution is average at best on the low end, but pretty decent on the upper end (BA vs DD?)

HifiGo offered a $10 coupon code to share for anyone interested in this IEM at their store. The coupon code is ANTDROID10