Qobuz on Android?

Wondering if any of you have tried Qobuz’ android app. Work fine or glitches/issues?
I’m thinking of trying it with my phone connected to my dac/amp.

When I listen to music with my BTR5 directly via the Qobuz app, it always shows 96k. Though I have 44.1, 48, 96, 192k files.
I think this is caused by Android USB settings or the Android driver. The apps cannot bypass this.
That’s why I download the music to my smartphone via the Qobuz app and then listen to it via USB Audio Player Pro.
This uses its own driver and supports with USBDac BitPerfect. So everything works perfectly.
There is also an interface to stream the music directly without download it, direct from Qobuz with UAPP. However, I never used this function.

However, the app is not free.
I don’t know whether other smartphones or USB Dacs don’t have these problems with Qobuz.


Thanks. My old lg 5 phone plays everything (youtube and Primephonic in my case, cant get Q) at192 and sounds great. I do use a chromebook also, which still sounds good, but plays at 48 max. Last time I talked w. Qobuz they indicated still a few glitches w. their android app. Good to know it works, but the one sample rate you are getting may be one of the things they are working on.

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