Quad ERA-1 Help

Hello All I picked up some Quad ERA-1’s and I absolutely love them, but I noticed that the right driver makes like a crinkle or ping sound when I swallow, yawn, or move my head. Is this common with Planar headphones? Will this hurt the driver or did I get a bad headphone and return them?

Did yours come with the fenestrated pads? It should help with driver flex (crinkle).

Yes I am using the leather pads that are fenestrated… Is this common for Planar headphones? My only other experience with planar are the Monoprice 1060’s

Kind of unusual for open backs. I had the Quad’s for a couple of weeks before I returned them since they were too close sounding to my LCD2C’s, but I don’t recall any driver flex during that time. Not quite sure how you can alleviate the pressure, but someone in here should be able to offer up some pointers.

Thank you for your help! Hopefully someone can help as I love the sound but the crinkle sound is starting to drive me crazy…lol

I know the feeling. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully you can return them. The Quad’s are pretty fantastic though!

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It can be for some estats and some more thin diaphragm planars. Sometimes they will go away with time or sometimes they will just stay. It’s because of the seal your head makes with the drivers and when you move and do stuff that would affect the seal it changes the pressure and causes the membrane to flex

I should be able to as I got them from Amazon… Yes they are fantastic sounding its just a shame about the driver flex…

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Hmmmm ok is there anything I can do to help alleviate or is it just something that I will have to live with?

You could do something that would limit the amount it can seal on your head almost like a vent or pressure relef, you can burn it in (like leave it on constantly for like 24-48 hours playing at a bit higher than normal listening volumes) which has helped me for the sendy aiva and see if that fixes it, and if it doesn’t you could always return it and get a replacement

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Ok I will definitely try leaving it on for 24-48hrs. Thank you for your help and suggestions!