Quad or little dot

Hey guys, I’m currently torn between getting a little dot ld 3 se and a quad pa one +, both for about 700€ to drive low impedance headphones, which both are designed for. Which one of these 2 would you guys buy, thanks for the help

quad would likely be better warranty and better build
LD MK3SE goes on sale/can be found for way cheaper than that (I got mine for $400)

really, are you talking about this one or the balanced mk3

I didn’t know they sold 2 different products with the same name lol
was talking about this one

Yeah, thought so, their naming really sucks, this one has vintage non replaceable tubes and is also a speaker amp, I’m pretty excited. The quad was immediately sold.

Which headphones should be used?
As far as I know, the Quad can’t really do it either.
The support for Little Dot isn’t that great, and the museum design wouldn’t be mine.
And the price is also a bit exorbitant.

I have Arya stealth, argon’s 2, 2000x, t5, both AudioQuests, sendy aiva and z7 so all have I think 32Ohm, so not many tubes apply for my collection. There would still be as far as I know the cayin h1a1, reusenzehn, wba and the Felix amps. Or do you know of another tube amp that plays nice with low impedance and planars?

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The amplifiers where you suggested
Reusenzeh a bit overpriced for what he offers and also a bit of an arrogant attitude in the support area.
I have seen pictures under the bonnet of the amplifier and it was not very nice to look at.

WBA is probably the best value you can get and great support.
You need a little patience but otherwise not a bad amp.

With the Feliks Echo you will have the need for something new in the long run.
Soundwise probably on the neutral side and not everyone’s cup of tea.
Price processing very good, tubes roll a little limited.

What do you think of this one?

This one also tends to be designed more for low-ohm headphones.
Can also go full on Nos tubes if you want.
Almost even better tuned to your headphones.
Didn’t get any bad reviews either.
Costs a little more than you budgeted for.
But would be most worthwhile for Europe.

Spontaneously, there is also the Woo Wa6, which is also designed for low-ohm headphones.

That’s why it’s important to make sure they don’t distort at higher volumes.

Looks quite Interesting, I’ll check them out, but you remember brexit, I’m really trying to get something within the Eu, cause otherwise there is a 20% import tax. I’m looking for something warm and creamy, which is why I’m probably not gonna get the wba. I know the woo looks very nice, but I’m trying to spend under 1k if possible, also I can find the Telefunken tubes for the ld