Quad Vena thoughts?

Has anyone used the Quad Vena II or play. I am looking for a integrated and wondering if anyone’s has feedback on this amp and how the like the headphone amp in it if possible. My other choice is a NAD d3045 to fit in. Will be powering some Martin Logan 35xti primarily used nearfield and Sennheiser 660s.

Hey there, I’ve just bought a Quad Vena II - 2 weeks in, I have to say I am super happy with it, also glad I didn’t get the play version. I’d rather have the option to pick my streamer. At present using an old MacBook Pro from 2011 over USB linked to Roon and Quobuz as well as Amazon Music Ultra HD & iTunes.

I switched out my Dali Zensor Pico’s from my old system to a pair of second hand Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 3 speakers. Top end was slightly fizzy on the Dalis, welll tamed on the AE’s. My Audiolab 6000 CDT sounds great as does my old Rega Planar 2 with a Grado Green cart.

If you want any specific details, let me know and I will try and help as NO ONE seems to have done a decent review on YT.

PS. For context I’ve listened to lots of styles and genres on this setup as much as anything to burn it all in - Kraftwerk, Tool, Conforce, Metallica, Slayer, Miles Davis, U2, James, MCR, Bach, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zep… even show tunes, Wagner, Cheesy 80’s Pop… all the musics, it handles everything amzingly!

Hey thanks for reaching out! I actually managed to find one in Canada and have had it for a few weeks. My speakers (MartinLogan 35xti) sound great, there is actually to much power now in some ways I find listening nearfield. I agree about not finding any really solid reviews on youtube, this is such a hidden gem of an amp I feel like (as well as very stylish with the enclosure around it). Good to know you have roon working with it, I haven’t tried that yet.

Ugh and I can’t believe this but tonight the amp has started to crackle,pop and make thumping noises on both pairs of passive speakers I have. I tried my other yamaha amp with all the same cables and power conditioner and it’s dead silent.
Hope the warranty is good.

Damn, that is shocking. The good news is that Quad’s warranties are normally excellent. Lemme know how you get on.


Yeah I’m kinda at either go through warranty, I don’t want a repair or refurb back though after only 3 weeks. I can either get a refund and take a 25% restocking fee or get store credit towards a Vena play.

In the UK they would just swap the unit out after 3 weeks… is it different over there?

I was told it would be up to the distributor. I am sure the dealer would try and take care of me but it’s just left a bad taste in my mouth, and nobody can figure out why I cant get 32 bit playback on USB. Quad just told me 2 times someone would contact me but never did.

Sounds to me like you just got a “Lemon”. Keep up the pressure, check your legal rights - if you bought online is there protection If you bought in a store what does the law say about that too? Can the credit card company intervene if you used one to pay for it? etc.

We have a load of regulations to protect buyers in the UK (The Sale of Goods Act), which states that an item should be of mechantable quality if it doesn’t do what they said it would do, you are entitled to a refund. I think we take these protections for granted. Just talk nicely to the dealer and see what they can do.

Don’t accept a situation that sucks. Good luck and keep venting on here!

How did you get on in the end?

Ah it didn’t go the way I hoped when I bought it, but I no longer have the unit. Wont comment further due to an agreement on the refund of the unit.

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