Qualcomm Announces 'Snapdragon Sound' Tech

the diddly talks about how Qualcomm is pushing Bluetooth latencies as low as 89 milliseconds (which it claims is 45 percent lower than its rivals), provides active noise cancellation and support for high-resolution 24-bit 96kHz audio, and super wideband voice, whatever that is.

the tech will be ‘licensed’ and Xiaomi and Audio-Technica have already jumped on board.

Looking at Qualcomms Press Release, this is yet another proprietary “trust us, it is the next big thing™”-thing.

It also gained them one entry on the “most meaningless chart competition” unofficially held by all tech companies every year.
Because what the hell is this chart?
I give them 1/2 point for the Hz scale, another 1/2 point for could be 0 start, then subtract 2 for using Hz when kHz would have been more fitting, another 1 point away for the “what is an origin?” and -5 for the Y-scale that for all intents could go from 0 to 0.1 Signal to Noise Ratio.

They are also delivering much more crap-tastic microphone frequency, now, with what I assume to mean 32kHz Bandwidth. Good news for people who can hear above 25kHz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And here is what reads like an Ad:

Because it basically is: