Quality wires that doesn't need shucking?

Hey all, so I’d really like to get into making my own cables, but it seems a little wasteful to be shucking wires from quad microphone cables (I’ve seen this recommended many times). Does anyone have a recommendation for wires that don’t need shucking, preferably easily accessible in Canada? Could I just get some 26-24 AWG stranded hook-up wire from an electronics shop, or would that likely make for a bad-feeling cable?

As a side note, does anyone know the best place to get Neutrik connectors in Canada without crazy shipping? I’m in Vancouver if there’s somewhere local.

Shucking in the sense of pulling the individual conductors out of the outer sheath or what?

For what application?


Yes, the usual way seems to be to buy four-conductor shielded microphone wiring and then remove the four conductors and just throw away the rubber/silicone/whatever casing and the shielding. I’d rather just buy nice single-conductor wires in the first place and skip the extra work and waste.

This would be for probably mainly headphone wires, but I’d like to make a couple short RCA and 3.5mm wires as well.


I forgot that they’d carry stuff like that! Good call.

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I know that viablue here in Germany sells a decent quality single conductor stranded wire so I would think that you’ll can get similar stuff in Canada simply look up some Audio accessory manufacturers and see if they do the same :wink: