Question about amp and bass

So this is probably a stupid question but I have a lcd x and topping a30/d30 pro stack. I love it, my only issue is that to get any bass impact I have to turn the amp up to high gain which is generally too loud or bordering on being too loud. I use one of Andrew’s from The HEADPHONE Show eqs he posted on the peace equalizer app. Do I need to set up a more bass focused eq for that kind of music or am I missing something else?

A30 or a30pro?
Too loud on high gain? But you can adjust the volume on the amp and on the dac, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Especially after applying some negative pre amp for the EQ.

Andrew EQs to the harman 2015 target which has a smaller bass shelf. I like to have more bass than that.

Since I had the ifi xCan I am a big fan of the Xbass. Maybe you like to try it via EQ.

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a30pro, ah yeah I kinda forgot about the dacs audio adjustment, the screen is partly blocked by my monitor stand. thanks for the tip, will look at the thread you linked.

This may not be your music taste, but the song has incredible amounts of low end and detail in said low end (begins at some point round 0:50):

Regard this as a simple bass-test :wink:

Could also be an issue with the way gain is done on the amplifier. Switching feedback on the input-stage in order to change gain is common (and cheap) to do, very much not ideal for signal quality. Since I never had a close look at the insides of the A30Pro, grain of :salt: here!


problem is fixed and DOOM ost is very much to my taste lol


Don’t let us die dump, tell us the way to bass heaven.