Question about "Audio MIDI Setup" and setting up a Mac for audiophile listening

I primarily listen to music on DAPs or just casually listen through my phone.

I have a desktop PC but never use it for audiophile listening. My MacBook Pro (Early 2015), on the other hand, I occasionally do use for music listening.

I don’t use any fancy software to listen to music, nor do I use any of the audiophile streaming services. The player I use is VLC.

So, my question is whether I need to change any settings in Audio MIDI Setup or in VLC?

Picture of Audio MIDI Setup

Unless you have a keyboard (or Synth [or very obscure effect pedals]) hooked up to your computer, ignore Midi.

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It depends what the bit depth and sample rate of music files you listen to. I’d set it based on that.

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This is what most people said online. But what @MazeFrame is saying also makes sense.