Question about mini series Chernobyl

how is there fallout when there was no nuclear explosion?

This one here?

For fallout, you just need radioactive something in the air. If you have a bag of uranium powder and dump it out the window of a plane, there is fallout.

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There was a huge fire inside the reactor. The cores themselves were destroyed in a hydrogen explosion and it was carried in the ash and smoke. Fukushima also has “fallout” in its surroundings from contaminated groundwater.

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The radioactive particles were being blown across Europe in the ash mixing with clouds and coming down in rain and wind.

A lot of the ground in the exclusion zone was covered in particles that had been ejected by the fire and fallen around the forest. If you went on a tour there and dropped something on the ground you can’t pick it up again due to the top layer of the ground still containing particles from the explosion / fire.

hmmm…they really tried to make it look like fallout. bah!

The way i took it was there was an explosion but not the nuclear bomb type you may be thinking of. Everything built up inside and blew the hell out of that site. As other said, particles from the fire went all over and was carried by the wind. Radiation was emited and absorbed into metals for a very far distance. Animals who were irradiated that got eaten by other animals.

awesome series, I wanted this show after my trip to Chernobyl, I visited it last year.


Btw that’s true, in Chernobyl in some places the radiation level is still above the norm. In our trip we used radiation detectors from . I even bought one detector for home use. Just in case.

probably was a blast to use a geiger counter and see the dial jump and hear it clicking. :smiley: