Question about Opamp rolling

I am new to opamp rolling and I have some questions:

Example: The V- to V+ Operating supply voltage for OPA604 is 9V to 48V. This means that OPA604 can operate at all voltages between 9V and 48V…like at 9v, 10v, 11v, 12v, 13v, …, 46v, 47v, 48v and any voltages between these…Am I right ?

I have a Creative X7, and I want to swap the opamps, The opamp rolling guide says:

Note: The op-amp IC power supply specification range is +/-10.8V to +/-15V.

Which means the V- to V+ is 21.6V to 30V … and because [21.6v , 30v] ⊆ [9v, 48v] therefore OPA604 is compatible with X7 ? in other words, since OPA604 can operate at all voltages from 21.6V to 30V, therefore it is compatible with X7…Am I getting this right ?

Yup. You are correct. Voltage-wise anyway. But, from my limited understanding, the impedance after the op amp matters as well. As in, too low of a resistance after the op amp can cause it to not perform its best. I had an issue with some op amps on a WHAMMY amp where the noise floor increased dramatically after swapping out capacitors in the circuit. The smart people over on Nelson Pass’ forum on DIY Audio suggested that my new caps have too low of a resistance for those particular op amps.

The good news is that the above scenario (in case you run into it) is not going to damage anything just increases noise floor.

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Another Question:

Looking at OPA604’s specs it says that:

Supply Type: Dual
Number of Channels: 1 Channel

Which one of these specs should I look at to know whether the opamp is single or dual ?
Does 1 channel mean it is a single opamp that can replace X7’s default single opamp(LME49710) ?

1 channel means 1 channel - you need 2 of them for stereo. Not sure what the “supply type” refers to. You should google it.

If it says 1 channel, does it mean it is a single or dual opamp ?

It’s single.

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