Question about the Sennheiser HDVD 800

Friend of mine offered to sell me a HDVD 800 so I went ahead and took him up on his offer. I only payed 300 plus my schiit stack (magni, modi) since he just was trying to get something smaller and he seemed to really like the schiit stack. I know this thing new is worth upwards of 2 grand but looking at the very very few reviews it seems pretty meh.

Question is would this be better than a magnius and a modius? That was what I was going to upgrade to next cause I’ve had the magni and the modi for a long time. This things stupid expensive it may seem redundant to ask but I don’t just look at price for how well something performs. I really cant gauge anything about this thing since its discontinued and I only found a few different write ups on it.

Depends what you mean by better.
On raw power output, they’re about the same.
They have basically the same input/output stages, with slightly more flexibility (multiple outputs) with the 800.
Neither have DSD or MQA support.
If you have the HD800 (or 600/650 etc)…they basically made the HDVD 800 for it so…that would probably be the only main difference; seeing as said headphone is NOTORIOUSLY picky.
I don’t know their sound characteristics well enough to tell you the finite details between them, which is probably the other place where they differ, but essentially, you’d have no issue with either for powering most things.
In any case, I wouldn’t say the Schiit stack is better; the components in the Senny are going to be better - but ultimately, I would say you’re not missing out on much if you choose to go with the Schiit stack.

by better I guess I’m more just referring to whatever performs greater than the other in terms of build/sound. I read that the DAC is pretty lackluster which is one reason why I ask. The amp on the other hand is apparently great so I’m not super worried about that. I guess I’ll have to play with it to figure out whether or not I’d need a separate DAC. Honestly you answered my question enough at the end though, it’s going to be better component wise but schiits not far off.

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