Question About THX 788 Balanced?

I apologize ahead of time as this may seem like an absolutely noob question and that is definitely because I’m a noob when it comes to my newfound hobby of spending money on headphones and other audio equipment, but I managed to find a brand new Monolith 788 Fully Balanced DAC/AMP for 350$ new in the box. I’ve never run balanced through XLR before, but I’m assuming if I’m connecting my PC through the USB input in the back for audio signal (as I would for any other of my DACs) it will still in turn provide balanced audio through the balanced XLR output in the front? If I’m completely wrong or need to do something specific please let me know. I’m going to be using a fully balanced XLR cable I purchased on amazon specifically for my 58x Jubilees and also have a 4.4mm to XLR Balanced converter on the side for when my Sendy Aivas come in. I just want to make sure I’m getting the whole balanced experience correct. If the above wasn’t clear I’m just curious if I will get the proper audio signal, if any, from my front XLR Balanced output if i use only a digital input on the rear such as USB or Optical Digital input. I’m just asking ahead of time while I wait for the DAC/amp to come in the mail.

Yes anything you use as an input will end up being balanced though the balanced dacs and 788 modules, this is because everything is converted back to digital, so if you use a digital input you will not have resampling as well. Though the front balanced xlr output that is.

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Thank you so much for your input, I’m not sure how good the THX 788 is in terms of DACS and AMPs go, but would you say that snagging one for 350$ new is a good deal? I have seen mixed reviews on it so I’m just searching for opinions. My current DAC/AMP device I’m using for my pc is the O2 +SDAC from massdrop. Would you say that this is a considerable upgrade?

The Monolith THX AAA 788 Desktop unit is a great all-in-one choice that will probably take most users a while to grow out of and replace if at all.

It is currently what I use and I would pay full price again for it, and I would definitely buy it for less.

I cannot say if it is considerable upgrade over the Grace SDAC, but it would be an upgrade from the balanced and DAC chip. For the amp, the THX AAA 788 is highly regarded for being transparent. In comparison to the O2 amp, the 788 Desktop has more power SE at 32 ohm loads by over double, but has less at 600 ohms (by 15 mW or about .5 dB at maximum volume) SE.

You also get parametric EQ, DIRAC, DRC.

If you ever wanted to get and use headphones balanced, then $350 for a Monolith 788 Desktop seems like a really good deal.

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I bought the THX 789 AAA for $500. $350 is a great deal for THX tech.

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Thank you both for your input and opinions, I appreciate the honesty and help. I’m actually really glad I made the decision to purchase this then.

you will not be disappointed, I just recently purchased a 788 and it is awesome, I also own and used a O2+SDAC for a few years, and I can say for sure that the 788 is a cleaner more satisfying amp/dac. At $350 it is a steal, really good price!