Question regarding hooking a sub to active speakers with no sub input

Hey lads!

I’ve been meaning to add a subwoofer to my pc set up, currently consisting of a pair of headphones, a d30, a jds labs atom and a pair of swan m200mk3’s. The issue is that the swans dont have a sub out, and im not currently in a position to get a proper preamp/reciever etc with enough outputs for the speakers + sub.

One solution that I’ve read about is simply connecting them in a line a’la:

DAC/Pre-amp (Should work with the atom, right?) -> subwoofer input -> subwoofer output to speaker input.

The confusion i have with this is pretty much regarding the input/outputs of the sub that ive heard need to be ‘speaker level’ inputs, and also, if the crossover functions properly with such a set-up? - does it filter out the necessary frequencies for the sub and only sends the higher ones through the output to the speakers? or would it only remove the higher frequencies for itself and still send the full signal to the speakers?

Say if i was to buy a Sunfire sds8 or svs sb1000, would it work to:
Atom rca -> sunfire rca inputs -> sunfire rca outputs -> m2000 inputs?
and would the crossover function this way?

Any suggestions on how i can set it up and, if these subs inputs are not speaker level, any recommendations?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hey, I see no one has tried to answer this for you so… as long as you know that the Sunfire rca out is a true thru put you can do your setup that way. This will leave your Swans their full Freq and you can adjust from about 10hz ( on the Sunfire ) above your Swan roll off point. example if the Swan Speakers go to 40hz on the low end try setting the Sunfire to about 50hz or 60 hz. Don’t forget to adjust volume and phase . Also you can adjust higher on the Sub but remember this will double the bass in the system at those Freqs, you may or may not like these results. experiment the worse that will happen is you won’t like it or it just won’t work .

Thank you!

I was under the impression that by sending the signal through the sub it would cut off the low frequency for itself and only send the higher ones (Above the chosen lowpass) to the speakers.

If that’s not the case - what would be a possible solution to let the sub deal with the lower frequencies? I’ve heard it can help the speakers a bunch to let it skip the lower frequencies and leave those to the subwoofer.

The Sunfire SDS-10 manual boggles me. It states this:
“High Cut Filter
50 Hz - 150 Hz adjustable. The crossover can
be bypassed by rotating the crossover frequency
control fully clockwise.”

and: Features:
Line-level high-pass outputs
Crossover frequency

Would that mean the crossover does seperate the signal to the sub and sattelites? Ie what im after, sending the low end to the sub and the high end to the satellites?

Hi; the rca in on the sub Will split the low Freqs from the highs inside the sub BUT the rca out I think are only used to send the orignial Full freq sig out to another sub Unprocessed.

Ok now that I see what the sub will do at the RCA Out ,Yes this will act to take a Full Freq sig in and output thru the RCA line level just your selected crossover freq to the powered speakers.

Hi; I will try to help with the set up, connect your DAC L&R audio out to the L&R in of the SunFire sub. Set the High cut filter to 80HZ to start, send the sub L&R out to swan powered speakers . I am under the impression that the Swan Speakers are a Master /Slave type that the one Swan speaker is the one with all the electronics and the other is just passive. Also please note that with only one sub placement and phase will be important to the overall sound, Don’t be afraid to try different crossover points. Remember it only has to sound good to you.