Question specific earbuds

Hello guys I need Advice on Earbuds. I apologize that I am asking but there are so many earbuds online I just cant pick the right for me. So I need Bluetooth Earbuds under $100. The only Attributes I need are stable Bluetooth connection with win 11 and HIGHEST VOLUME POSSIBLE. I will use them in my bedroom to not bother people in my house while watching TV - mostly movies. Do not care about great sound quality, battery life, no mic needed. Only HIGHEST VOLUME POSSIBLE I work a sound heavy job and I already lost parts of my hearing. Please help. Thank you.

When you say “Earbuds” do you mean actual flathead earbuds like these:

or you mean iems

if you mean iems, then all you really need is something like a Hiby W3 ii: HiBy W3 II – HiBy | Make Music More Musical
Along with whatever iem you want with it. Example KZ has a lot of high sensitivity iems, such as the DQS that will be easy to achieve high volumes with.

Sawn aw75 would be right up your alley. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to them at full volume and I think I listen pretty loud. Oh and they are probably the best tuned tws I’ve ever used.