Questioning of audiophile newbie

Why does Falenkor doesn’t like mh751 cuz many folks said that it’s better than alpha?
Can superlux668b outperform alpha, Astro 40,mh751, senn game one or zero
Is it good for comp and casual at the same time?// super lux 668b also for music
How bass is important in video game audio// what sound they’re in or make?
58x or Dt880? for comp, casual, and music?
Why ksc75 isn’t good for gaming?
58x or game zero, one,598
Beyer tgyr300r vs dt880 sound signature
(new to the audiophile and just need an entry-level, for now,// superlux668b is a great choice for casual , comp and music right?*)(58x, Dt880, akg for future)
Need a headphone for both casual and comp also Spotify’s music
I don’t like a big explosion sound for real// Games I played: Apex legends, Valorant///// The witcher 3, cyberpunk 2077, AC Valhalla, and other massive titles coming up.

I lookin forward to play escape from tarkov

eh? You could have just messaged me on that in the other post or something ya know? Anyway, I never said that I didn’t like it persay it’s just that I felt alpha was better for me personally. It’s a subjective personal preference thing and more of a slight side grade. mh751 is a slightly brighter headphone… I preferred the alphas due to being like the takstars with a more balanced warm like sound

Sorry dude

Anyway, so superlux is a fine very good soundstage with elevated highs. Imo its a very solid choice in competitive due to this and to my experience the bass isn’t too heavy though I would prefer a more open and analytical sound… these are just fine for someone who wants a cheap option for competitives I don’t personally think this is a bad choice to someone on a budget.

Can it outperform the alpha? oh most definitely. Alpha is a balanced closed back inspired off of the takstar headphone its not the greatest but its still a very nice gaming headset one of the best for its price range in the gaming headset genre.

Can it out perform the astro a40s. Sound quality? Subjective since a40s come with their own mixamp thats actually pretty damn nice if you ask me for a gaming headset and the a40s do sound pretty open. However, I found them both nice but the superlux does seem like it has a bigger stage and both are pretty on point with imaging however I felt that the astros thanks to that extra mixamp provided a higher quality sound albeit pretty colored so it wasnt very natural and there was a small bit of compression on my end.

Mh751 this is your regular run of the mill cheaper ended gaming headset its not really designed to stand out from the crowds its just designed to work in simplicity hence its price point. It’s slightly bright with a bass that doesn’t stand out too far… great for all purpose gaming but nothing perfect… Good for those who just want to pick up a headset use it for regular gaming and move on. It’s not bad but it’s not the best.

Senn game one, game zero, and pc37x: game one and pc37x are roughly the same headphone while zero is the closed back version. zero will support more bass and a centralized sound to your head with a smaller soundstage but its pretty accurate meanwhile the game one and pc37x are incredibly good with a very accurate open balanced sound nothing is overly present in the sound it just works. This is one of the only gaming headsets that has stayed in my collection if that tells you anything for just regular run of the mill balanced gaming, at least until I ended up picking up an audeze mobius.

Is the superlux good for both comp and casual. Yes its a pretty natural headphone but the bass isnt all to present. If you wanted bass there are better options but I do feel that its fine in both cases.

How bass is important in video game audio. Bass is your explosions and very deep rumbling gunshots among other things you would expect from the bass and its sub bass. In competitive this becomes less important as much as the placement and location of the bass sound. You don’t want a very deep rumbling bass to get in the way of those footsteps around the other side of the wall and in the case of a rumbling bass frequency it would definitely cloud your ability to place the quiet sounds. However, In the terms of casual gaming and competitive gaming and music all together… a little bit of bass isn’t going to hurt you let alone a slightly recessed bass it’s just to the point if its too much. For example I found the Fidelio x2 hr to have a much heavier bass than I would like in competitives so I had to equalize it down to be at a more acceptable level so I can pin point things a little better. While I don’t use the fidelio x2 hr in competitives I did try it when I had auditioned it.

58x or dt880. 58x for all rounder balanced dt880 for all rounder v signature better for competitve due to its higher treble and being a brighter headphone. Can’t go wrong with either but I found dt880 was better in this case however it is definitely the more expensive demanding headphone here as it definitely sounds a lot better in its 600 ohms with a respective amp and dac.

Why ksc75 isnt good for gaming? It’s not particularly bad but its nowhere near the best by any means. It sounds great but it just doesnt have everything you want especially in competitive… its kind of that one audiophile item every person who is into this hobby should really own a pair of because for the price point you really can’t go wrong since they sound amazing at that price. You can use them for gaming especially if you are on a insanely tight budget but I wouldn’t recommend it… if you can get your hands on a porta pro or superlux definitely go that route more so towards the superlux.

58x vs game zero vs one vs 598. 598 has a larger soundstage and is very similar to the 58x I prefer the 598 in competitive but I do feel the 58x was a bit more cleaner and detailed to my ears so I use that as a more balanced approach both are nice and can’t go wrong there. vs the zero and vs the one. both actual headphones can outplace these two but the game one in particular still offers a very great sound open soundstage and accurate imaging its a fantastic gaming headset. Not much for me to really say here this one kind of boils down to the person and what they are looking for… I personally prefer 598s but I know others who definitely prefer a pc37x aka game one just massdropped or the 58x instead. They do sound somewhat different but I found it decently hard to discern the difference unless you compared the game one to the 58x which the 58x had better sound quality overall and a much more open more accurate sound stage to my ears it’s something youd have to try but like I said… can’t really go wrong here.

Tygr300r vs DT 880: I can’t really comment on this one just yet. I haven’t received my copy of tygr 300r. However, from what I have heard both are very good as the tygr 300 r is like the dt 990s with a subtle mix from the natural like sound of a dt 880. Sounds like they took the best from both headphones and put it into a gaming headphone. However, my order has been on backorder for like a month now due to being out of stock. I can definitely respond on this more whenever I can get my copy though. If it helps the dt 880 wasn’t a favorite of mine at all. It’s definitely a particular sounding headphone bright yet unique in its sound I haven’t really tried another headphone that sounded quite the same outside of other beyers.

Superlux will suit you fine if you really need to budget. If you really want my full opinion on that headphone its probably one of the best for competitive gaming in that price point… its really hard to be beat but others here could also have a difference in opinion and a more extensive library of headphones. I will say that I prefered the sennheiser 500 series in its entirety more than the superlux but they are more expensive. If you are really on that tight budget you will be fine with the 668b.

Need a headphone for both comp and casual, I don’t like big explosion sounds for real. You would be looking more towards a balanced or recessed bass then and wouldn’t want a very bassy headphone. Superlux would be fine in this regard it doesn’t have a horribly heavy bass to it, dt 880 are fine here, 58x, game one/pc37x, and hd 598 are all fine here but don’t go with game zero or hd 558 those have heavier bass, Tygr may be okay here it depends on if it shares the dt 990s deeper bass frequency dunno, and like I say previously in other posts… for competitive the one I found to be one of the best for recessed bass with mids and highs being forward was the k702 or k7xx meanwhile if someone wanted more bass and fun to the sound it would be the k712 from the akg brandline otherwise the ad-00x lineup despite that horrid headband I found to be some of the best. However, this is mainly for competitive as I am someone who enjoys a balanced frequency while playing

Continuational Edit from other post:

Creative Aurvana Live: I don’t see much wrong with these in the sense of budget… they are a closed back unlike the superlux and have some more bass to them. I don’t think they are bad for a budget all rounder though. Good enough closed back for their price point. Though not something I would use personally as I have a higher budget and would go more towards a dt 770.

M40x and M60x both good… replace the ear pads and they are solid

M1060s and M1060cs: closed vs open back. Buddy has the m1060s and I tried these over the weekend. Bassy and sounds actually pretty damn good but I prefer more a bigger wider soundstage to my planars. Needless to say when I saw their price point… between this and the M560 I think they would be good for someone who wants to look into planars, however that’s about it. I would definitely take a used hifiman sundara over these any day of the week same thing with the hyperx orbits for gaming.

HE4xx like the sundara but more aggressive and not as wide sounding. Definitely nice not my cup of tea as I prefer more laid back and this definitely was more in my face for a headphone lol

HD 800s and 660 s: haven’t gotten my hands on them though in this price range I wouldn’t bother with one for gaming as you get a bit steep past the $500 range you don’t notice all to much from my experience unless you are listening to music especially lossless files and the like. Others could tell you more on these two.

Argon Mk3: In the process of ordering these actually. haven’t got to them.

Koss Porta Pro: good, not the greatest for gaming. Awesome for walking around with. I love these things and their look. I don’t recommend for gaming but I would recommend for a cheap option for portable music.

Beyer T1 and 1990. Lets go ahead and add the T5P and Amiron home in there too.

1990s are the more neutral bright here sound great… to me these are a gamers dream headphone. Very open soundstage not too wide, extreme accurate analytical imaging, bass is nice and not over the top, treble is raised and makes vocals and ingame gunshots and the like pop, mid is still recessed but its not that bad at all this is my personal go-to competitive gaming headphone and my current number 1 favorite for that particular aspect.

Beyer T1 these I am still auditioning right now and are currently sitting next to me as I type this. They are very nice BUT and this a very big negative point… they are demanding. gen 2 is a 600 ohm and they are amp picky. My particular amp makes them sibilant and they respond to higher tier amps and setups. I took them to a buddies who owns a Schiit jortenheim(however you spell it) and it was night and day different to my ears compared to my liquid spark

Beyer T5P: I have yet to actually review these probably won’t. They are said to be a closed T1 but with less treble and more bass. If that is the case these would be incredibly enjoyable provided you have the setup to back these up and would make them awesome in casual gaming more so than the 1990s.

Amiron Home: I put this in there in the case you consider this considering its price point is almost identical… I would say skip this one. It does sound GREAT don’t get me wrong but I could not for the life of me find a way to fix its sibilance. I tried other setups other amps other pads and it was still sibilant to my ears the treble was just way to much. Would take the T1 any day of the week over amiron home though I liked Amirons design and feel more.

Shp9500: going to add this in here instead of the fidelio due to the x2 hr having more bass and is typically more expensive. shp9500 is a really good not over the top wide and warm headphone thats good for gaming. Pretty well rounded but not the best for competitive… good for those who want a balanced approach with a warm signature.