Questions about Argons, Dekoni Blues, and T50RP/T60RP?

Alright so this is a bit of a grey area for me right now. I am sitting down really contemplating should I really buy these? Should I grab them and change them into argons? If so which one T50Rp or T60RP argons. Obviously the T60RP is a hell of a lot more expensive but it’s said to be much smoother in sound as well as what looks to be a better cable and a headband strap already on it. If I convert to argons they gain an extremely lifted low end and become rather unreliable for competitive gaming(too much low end is a plague on competitive cue cards). While this is fine technically my question in that case would be, is there a pad swap that fixes this? Or perhaps would you be better off modifying the original T50rp / T60RP or maybe the Dekoni Blues? Is it feasibly possible to have a punchy bass without all that rumble getting in the way?

Lastly, would the price be worthwhile? Needless to say I absolutely love planars and while yes I have an lcd-2 now I miss that bright sound I had from the Sundara. I refuse to go back to hifiman out of a matter of principle and let’s just say extreme amounts of anger and frustration. So I figure alright, well there’s a modder’s planar here that when I tried my buddies argon I fell in love with it so this headphone may very well suit me but how can I go about best altering it to my needs? I am all for V signatures, neutral, W signature, or Neutral brights but in terms of competitive I would need a more neutral bright without all that rumble.

So, the question here would be… whats the best route here? Counting for both sound and pricing. I want to be able to switch off from that super “fun” sounding planar to competitives. I started wagering this in my mind as I sat with the SHP9500 and their capabilities in changing the sound threw me over the edge for a $50 headphone to be able to sound so good and be so adaptable I began to think well what about the T50rp? It’s one headphone I do not have in my collection and yet planar magnetics offer some of my favorite sound and I love the speed and slam they offer. Could use some information from someone who has these headphones and sat down with modifications for them. If possible I would like to keep that wide soundstage as well too.

The T50RP is one of the 3 or 4 headphones I wouldn’t buy again if I were retroactively starting over in the hobby.
I have the Dekoni Blues, my big issue with them is the bass to mid transition, it’s just so Jarring to me, it makes them unlistenable. Obviously I’m in the minority here, so take my opinion with a bag of Salt.
They are initially impressive, largely because of the bass presentation, but it’s more upper bass quantity than any sort of quality and IME once you get past that, they are terribly flawed.

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Interesting would you say theres a better alternative here then for planars that’s capable of adapting its sound? I know theres thieaudio phantom but I got pretty mixed opinons from the looks of those. I want a planar that can really emphasize that slam and speed that is known to planar as a driver but at the same time I want to have it able to be used for two seperate signatures without the need of purchasing 2 headphones both fun and competitive while if possible having a more relaxed sound to it. LCD-2 is nice and all but its dark and just doesnt fit the bill here.

The t50’s aren’t prototypical planars, the drivers are tiny compared to most.
For a planar sound you’d be looking at HifiMan, Audeze or Dan Clark’s newer stuff (though last 2 are a lot more money than the T50).
I really wouldn’t mess around with the other cheap planars, maybe the Sendie/Blon variants, they seem to get a lot of love from people, though they really were over hyped for a period.

I tried the sendy personally. Honestly, while they are comfortable I really didn’t like them. No bass impact for a planar which is something I would want. Never tried it’s alternatives as it really didn’t interest me from there on.

I mean, I have the aeon open X which is fine but you can’t really change its sound all that much outside of the tuning pads, and those are marginal changes. I was looking for a very well rounded adaptable planar though appears perhaps that just isn’t feasible in this case which is rather unfortunate.

If you are feeling adventurous on a budget, making MrSpeakers Open Alphas is always an option. :sweat_smile:
I might be doing so in the future.

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