Questions from a cable newbie

Hello everyone, decided to build my first custom cable, with some good electronics/soldering experience, or making some custom USB cables, I would want to make a balanced cable for my Hifiman Anandas.

Though I have some questions/lack some knowledge around audio cables.

So straight to the point:

First and most important - how many cores are actually needed for a 4.4 ↔ 2x 3.5 jack connector? As I understand I need 6 cores - one for: Signal+, Signal-, Ground, and that is doubled as I’ll have to bring it to both cups individually, and then join the ground wire on the 4.4 connector - am I correct?

I’ve researched to do the cable based on Klotz/Mogami/Sommer/Canare or some other microphone cable - but my biggest concern/question is how to handle the Y split - as I’ll have a cable from a 4.4 jack Y to two 3.5 jacks. Would I split the shield when going out to the two 3.5 jacks? Or is the shield not needed at all in such a cable?

Or is it better to buy 2x 3core (as I understand I need 3 cores for each cup) , which I would then soldier together to a single cable - giving me a connection to all soldier points, but I would have a “weak point” in the cable itself.

So in general what’s the best approach to making a balanced cable, and doing the Y split.

Thanks in advance!

For HP cables you’ll only need 2 cores to every cup signal and ground
So 4 single core cables can do the job, or you can use a 2x0.14 microphone cable and ignore the shielding or only solder it on the amp side

Left Positive, Left Negative
Right Positive, Right Negative

If you were making a Pentacon-Interconnect (4.4mm ↔ 4.4mm), you would also need a shield or Gnd connection.

“Balanced” in terms of headphone cables is a misleading term, there is no shield required for a headphone cable.