Questions on a few settings on The XMOS USB DAC Control panel

I Just got the SMSL SU-8 Dac and got it working, but I see a few options that I don’t really know much about and wanted to know if I even need to worry about it.
What is this ASIO Buffer size? Should I even be worried about it and just leave it be?
And if somebody knows why it says there are 2 outputs when I only have one thing connected, and when I switch between them they seem to be the same.

Buffer size is how many samples are stored at the DAC. A higher buffer is more stable as your computer/software has longer to calculate and transmit the audio data. The penalty for stability is latency.

To give you a rough pointer:
I am running 192 on my Focusrite (USB interface) and 256 on my Maya 44eX (PCIe Interface). The 256 is because 128 gives me audio dropouts while rendering videos.

Ah I see thank you

hi, i have the same second question. there are 2 output format i can choose, both 2 channels 32 bits.

anyone familiar could clarify this?thanks

Did you ever happen to figure this out? I have 2 outputs as well and they both appear to be the same except one of them is louder than the other