Quick Hd 600/660s Question

Was finally ready to pull the plug on a set of HD 600s, n am seeing they changed them into ‘the new’ hd600s. Just curious if anyone had tried those are they better? or if it was a they kinda ruined them situation?

Now i am wondering if it might just be better idea to go with the 660s instead if the new design thing is a downside. (Will primarily Only be using them through my emotiva bas-x). I know it is all so relative but i wanted to get any info or knowledge i could find

AFAIK, it is just a cosmetic update. The 600’s and 660’s are pretty different headphones. I really enjoyed the 600’s, but only on a tube.
I got the 660’s last week and do like them. However, they are not tubing well (in my case) and are pretty unforgiving with harsh music.

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Think Valour did something on this:


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Wow really appreciate it, that covered almost everything i was curious about :clap:t2:

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It says the original 6–s were made in Ireland.
If they were made in Northern Ireland. It would explain the manufacturing change and subsequent shifts in design.
Brexit forced them to move factories to keep the headphone production from being behind a tariff wall

Could be that. Or it was just cheaper to move production. I doubt Ireland would be super cheap to produce in.

Sennheiser makes some stuff in China, most is made elsewhere though. The HD800 for example is made in Germany. The HD600-series is made in Ireland (as in the non-UK Ireland).

Okay so it was entirely for cost saving reasons. Cool