Quick question on head phones to buy


I need help to decide what headphone I should get. Here are the specifications I want:

-Hopefully something with good bass since I like bass
-Will be used for gaming (racing sims and FPS gams like cod)
-comfortable for long hours
-doesn’t need to be portable since it will be stationary at my desk
-closed back is preferred
-budget is max $140
-going to pair with a ifi zen dac
-I mostly listen to pop like the weekend and other popular artists, old school rap, and trap/dubstep

I was looking at the Audio Technica 1100is but I don’t know if that is the best choice. Thanks for any help you can give me😀.

DT 770 80 ohm is a pretty good general use headphone for gaming and modern music genres.

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This would probably be my only recommendation here due to how restrictive the search conditions are on this case @GoldStriker99 bass gets in the way in competitive fps games which is an issue and closed backs definitely dont help with that open field sound placement. feel free to venture over here Falenkor's Competitive Headphone Write Up as its my write up for those who want a more competitive headphone. This will explain what sound is the most ideal for competitive gaming and why as well as not just my writeup but zeos’s recommendation guides and mad lust envys which are pretty thorough. Hopefully that helps you out as its helped quite a few people so far and welcome to hifiguides

I vote dt770. awesome headphone for the price. really nice bass, good for gaming, sounds great for music. i recommend you get the 250 ohm though. sounds better. i got mine here for 119$



Will comment here that the prices fluctuate drastically on the beyer dt series… I found my dt 770 250 ohm for $86 someone else was selling and it was in mint condition. 1990 is another one that fluctuates wildly as well as 1770. I have seen both land at $300 but also skyrocket to $600

Though in agreement that the dt 770 may be the better option here. Get it balanced and in its 250 ohm variation and use it on that ifi zen dac. should pair nicely

119$ is the cheapest ive seen 770 new. the 1990 has gone on sale for 450$ but usually 500$-600$ new

Really, $300? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them under $500 before.

just as an example posting over there on head-fi. Already sold a ways back. Yep in the $300 range crazy enough!

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