Quick Question regarding HIFIMAN Sundara and Origen G2

Hi all.

I am currently considering purchasing the HIFIMAN Sundara to upgrade from my HD6XXs.

I currently am running the 6XXs off my Origen G2 DAC/Amp and they sound pretty good in my opinion. (They are my first pair of good sounding headphones so I don’t have much to compare them to haha).

Would I need to upgrade my DAC/Amp or is the G2 sufficient enough to power them and make them sound good?

Also, would you guys have any other recommendations of what headphones might be better in the same price range as the Sundara’s?

Thanks in advance. :grin:

The sundaras have a neutral bright sound signature as opposed to the warm mid forward sound signature of the 6XX. If you want a direct upgrade to the 6xx then I’d go for the Focal Elex. Depending on your preferences the sundara could be either an upgrade or just a sidegrade. Your amp should be good enough. Maybe later on when you can I would upgrade to the asgard 3/modius stack.

Looking at the specs of the Sundara and the OriGen G2, you should have no problem powering it.
Even on low gain you should have more than enough juice.

I don’t have $700 to spend on headphones. (I wish I did lol)

I’ll take a look at the Amp and DAC you suggested, thanks for the advice!

Ah okay good to know, new to this whole HiFi stuff so I wasn’t sure if the Origen was powerful enough. Thank you so much!