Quick REVIEW on Xduoo's new mini DAP: X2s

I finally received the new Xduoo X2s DAP a few days ago and wanted to give some first impressions and a quick review on it.

It has a really nice form factor without sacrificing usability. The buttons are layed out nicely and have a good click. The volume buttons on the side are a little rattlly though, but you most likely won’t notice that in normal everyday use.

On the front are all 3 playback buttons plus a back/home button. You navigate menus using the next and last track buttons and confirm with play.

The menu is pretty straight forward. It’s a pretty simple player and the menus have the following options/layout:

  • ‘music note’
    ->All Songs (shows all songs sorted alphabetically)

    ->Albums of selected artist (songs are also sorted alphabetically)

    → Artists of selected genre

  • ‘EQ’
    -custom (6 bands with -6 to +6 adjustability in 2dB steps)

-folder (folder structure of your SD card)

-playlists (need a playlist file, you can’t create playlists on the X2s)

-create playlist (searches for playlist file)
-repeat off
-repeat all
-repeat folder
-repeat 1

-sleep timer
-off timer
and other options and information

-‘play button’ (shows playing screen)

The DAP puts out a substantial amount of power for its size. The volume goes from 0 to 31 and powers my KPH31i to very loud volumes at 13 already.
It also powers my DT1990 easily.
The sound is pretty clear and seperation is also pretty good.
It won’t outclass desktop dac amps but for a small and cheap player it seems to be the best in it’s class.
I also had the Fiio M3k and this Xduoo beats it in almost every category imo.

The only problem I had was music tags. It couldn’t properly read FLAC tags. So you can’t find the music accoriding to the genre or artist. The same goes for AAC/ M4A files except it could read the genre tag with that format.

So I ended up converting everything to MP3 since I won’t use crazily revealing headphones with that DAP anyways and just wait for a firmware update to fix that problem.

The battery also seems to last a long time: I acidentally left the player on the whole day while playing music (it doesn’t pause when you unplug headphones) and I only lost one battery bar.

The only other thing that might bother some people is the playing screen.
It only tells you the track name and how long the track is, so no artist or album info.

Here are a few pictures:

Size comparison for EU people:

Size comparison for US people:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.
For a more in-depth sound quality analysis I need to give the device a bit more time.

Edit: Just found out that you can add songs to playlists on the device. Just hold the back button in the playing screen.


Thanks! Thought about getting one since they’re so cheap but I prefer getting a bit more info out of my DAPs.

Yeah, this DAP is rather for ‘press play once and forget about the DAP’

That and I also forgot to mention the issue of not supporting Flac. I use Flac for most of my casual stuff and Aiff for my DJ tracks. So if you have an issue with either of those format’s, you’ve lost me. While I could convert, I add & delete so much music checking out new purchases/downloads that it’d add a whole headache layer having to convert to say, mp3 just to delete them if they don’t make the cut.

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Hi! Great review! How fast can you change your music using the menus on the xduoo? Can you scroll between songs and artists fast enough?

You can go in different menus really quickly if you’ve build up some muscle memory. The scrolling itself is not that fast tho. I would never search for a specific track in the ‚all songs‘ menu. I always search for the artist and then for the album. You definitely have to know your music if you want to quickly play a specific song.

Thanks for the reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had mine a little while now. Lovely sound and a very powerful little dap.

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It does support FLAC files.

How is it’s Sound compare with “Xduoo X2” ?..
Please reply as soon as you can. Because, I have already ordered X2.

I don’t have the X2. But with the X2s I wouldn’t bother getting the old X2

Thank you for your reply! Is there an option to search for any specific song?
How is this Custom EQ? Is it better than the default settings?

I am currently using an iPhone 5s. Very Good with kz ZS10 pro.
But the iphone sound is mostly on the treble side. I don’t like it. X2S’s bass density is good?
It is better than Iphone 5s?

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There isn’t any song search. The device is definitely too small for that. You have to go through your folders for that. I don’t use the EQ but it has the usual presets and a custom 6 band EQ

iPhones have quite good dacs in them. The X2s is probably a bit better and definitely has more power. I usually use my Fiio BTR5 with my iPhone which sounds noticeably better than the xduuo (but is also twice the price)

Thanks for your replies.
Finally say a word pls. Would it be better for me to buy an amp rather than x2s?
(like ibasso d03)

For everyday use I would go with a dongle dac like the Ibasso because it’s way easier to operated a phone than a tiny dap

Yes, I think so too. Tell me if you know about ibasso d03.
If it’s good I will take it. I will cancel the x2 order.
Thanks at all…

Worthed to buy