R2R Digital to Analog Converters

Any R2R guys here?

Enjoying my Audio GD 11 R2R 2019 at the moment, sounds really smooth and natural.

Does anyone know a R2R DAC, with volume control and remote with multple outputs for around 1000?

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Hmmm, perhaps a holo audio cyan? That’s seems to check all your boxes


this is what you had in mind?

Yes, it’s a pretty nice r2r for the price with plenty of features and great sound. I will say my main gripe with it is it’s mediocre DSD playback, but if you just convert your dsd to pcm on the fly it’s no longer and issue (you can choose to get it with or without a dsd card). Also the ability to choose between oversampling and NOS (non oversampling) is pretty nice too. If you decide to get the version with the headphone out it’s pretty nice but not amazing, but it does preform fairly well

Too bad Audio-Gd doesnt have something in that range. Love their shit :stuck_out_tongue: