R70x or dt 1990? for pure fps

Hello, several months ago I went here to read the falenkor(thanks for all) :smiley: guide and he helped me a lot choosing headphones, I chose akg 612 pro for pure fps player. Now I would like to get something better, I have seen from crinnacle that they classify the r70x as the gods below the hd800s and I have seen that you do the same with the dt 1990 pro I wanted to know which one I keep? Because I tried both and they almost seem the same to me in terms of hear footsteps.

Pretty sure the R70X is supposed to be great for imaging and comfort specifically, so my vote would go there for FPS in particular. If there are particular sounds/games you are curious about, Iโ€™m sure some owners here could test things for you within reason.

They really do tend to go head to head within competitive FPS for sure. I think in terms of open headspace and verticality r70x is better in this regard but my preference pick for overall sound goes to the 1990 as I am not a big fan of the more recessive thinner sound that the r70x produces in other use cases. Both would be good, if you tried both go with the one you prefer more as there really isnโ€™t particularly a bad choice with these two