Rane RH-2 = $70 Argon mk3

Expect the worst, hope for the best.

I don’t think NTR trashed the LCD1, he said they were massively hyped by certain reviewers and that they weren’t as good as the hype indicated. I think he also said they were over priced for what they are. His conclusion seemed to be that the Rane headphones were excellent for the price, the LCD1 not worth the price and that he would recommend the Rane over the Audeze. Personally I do think it a defensible position.

The Audeze he really did trash was the Mobius.

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I personally wasn’t a fan of the mobius as well, neat idea but way too expensive and not ready yet. The LCD 1 is mainly just really refined for it’s price. I do think it could be cheaper though for sure, I think at 300 it would be much more attractive

I can understand kickback against hyped products. The LCD1 isn’t a bad headphone, it’s a good headphone and plastic build isn’t unusual in its price range. However some presented it as a paradigm shift in headphones and went way over the top and when that happens it often provokes a negative reaction when people try the product themselves.

Of course, yeah I personally wouldn’t rate it as high as some others would

My rh-50 won’t sound right no matter how much I burn it in. It has very weak bass, makes my msr7 sound bass heavy. Had them for 2 months.