Rane RH-2 = $70 Argon mk3

  • Type: Over Ear (sorta)

  • Amp recommended: No

  • Closed Back

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No Theme Reviews

They have a similar sound to the argons. The bass response shakes your head and never gets distorted, Mids are actually a bit foward, Treble is laid backed and smooth. Really fun headphones. They don’t have the same sound stage though. Imaging is decent at best.

There’s 2 other versions of these.
Marantz version (most expensive)
Lyxpro version (cheapest)


the headband looks like the ones on the m50x

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From $40 to $90 for what’s the same damn thing on the outside beyond the logo. Wonder if the tuning or driver is the same on all three. I know Marantz is probably going to ride off the more recognizable brand name, though they’re better known for their recievers.

Probably similar tuning if we use the aiva clones as an example. No Theme kinda has a hard on for Rane. I think he called the rh-50 a budget Audeze LCD1.

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Something makes me incredibly doubtful about that being accurate.

Yeah I’m to sure about that statement. LCD1 treble response was one of the best I’ve heard. Doubt a $85 dynamic headphone is gonna match the same quality as the lcd1

Correction, he actually says the rh50 are better than the lcd1

I’m even more doubtful about that. A $60-75 40mm dynamic being better then a $400 planar from a company who does nothing but planar? I’m very doubtful about that.
B&H has it for $59+tax shipped:

It really does. Even the cups looks similar, just less round.

You gotta realize who you are looking at for the review lol, no theme reviews (NTR lol) isn’t the most credible reviewer I have seen personally


Yeah, can’t say I’ve ever heard of them before

NoTheme did say that the RH-50s were not his favored sound signature. I am not sure of his final conclusions vs the LCD-1 (which on the one hand he semi-trashes, and on the other em were in his recommended Christmas list… so a lot of nuance that I won’t summarize here. In part because I have never heard the LCD-1 set and have zero opinion about them or about NoTR’s opinion about them).

I bought the Rane RH-50 for a family member that needed something closed back / with minimal leakage. I got to hear them and thought they were indeed excellent for the price. Punched above weight for sure. Un-amped, bass was weak, but an amp seemed to set that part right. I didn’t spend a lot of time with them… but my sister likes them at least. And at the time I got the m at $66.00. Which is about what I wanted to spend on a Christmas present.

The RH-2 has a bigger driver, seems innarestin’. Cheap enough (at different times) to give a try perhaps.

I don’t doubt they are good, I just don’t think they would be in a similar league as an lcd1, but they do seem pretty neat

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Not only have I not “a-b’d” them, and not only have I not spent sufficient time with the RH-50 for any close comparisons, but I haven’t heard the LCD-1 at all. I got nothin’.

I have the lcd1 but never heard the rh-2 lol

Other “variants” Akai 50x, Freeboss/ISK MDH9000
edit: Tascam TH-07


Right . RH-2. Either. That’s what I meant. Or both. Glad you’re psychic, given my sudden inability to name things.

The problem with commentary around here is that the vast majority of nay-sayers have not done actual comparisons. Saying you “doubt” the efficacy of a sub-$100 dynamic headphone compared to the LCD-1 is reaching a conclusion without any basis. If people are that convinced of Audeze’s perfection, they should buy the LCD-1 and put it to the test instead of jumping to the company’s defense.


Fair enough, I just prefer to be skeptical, because then I am either correct or pleasantly surprised lol