Rap, Hip Hop, R and B thread

There is a severe lack of hip hop type music on this forum and I know it’s not the most “audiophile” genre just given the nature of it. but would love to share some of my favorites and want to see some of yours.

anyway to get this thread started Ill just list off old and current tracks that I either really enjoy or just needs more appreciation

would love to see what hip hop songs everyone else enjoys

Pretty much the only rapper I listen to is NF. I’m big on lyrics and he is such a poet with his songs, not to mention his talent. He sounds similar to Eminem. Another thing I really like about him is how much he goes against the grain of culture with his whole style. In his videos he doesn’t show off fancy cars or tons of women. In fact he looks dirt poor. He’s got a very dark and serious atmosphere to his stuff. Maybe I’m just a rambling weirdo but listen to some of these and tell me he’s not good.

The one below is a tear jerker so proceed with caution…


I think NF is great not my style unfortunately but I emplore you to check out other rappers while their style may be different sometimes the most playful sounding songs can be super deep. and if you like lyrics meaning and stories check out JID, Kendrick , denzel curry, even tyler the creator,brockhampton, and MF doom . I

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There actually is a thread already a bit further down. You should throw this stuff on there!!

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really like this one. vibes hard

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Tried to put notes on some of the songs, but it breaks the embedding so there would be no thumbnails

I saw the note before If you like soundstage play check this one out at around 1:28 you’ll know when you hear it

really into planet paradise kinda remids me of duckwrth. and that BAs song was great he meshes with cole really well

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thnx for making this thread! rap, hip hop, r&b and soul are really underepresentated here. Mostly rock, metal and those type of things here

Recommend both, but if you had to listen to ONE only the seond one. It’s korean, got a sick beat, great rap smooth voice

this is pretty good, thnx for the share. not my usual rap style (preachy, shouty) but the lyrics are nice good beat

I liked the nas song. think ill check him out

Made it a while ago thought I should put more on it

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Beastie Boys. All of it.
Tribe Called Quest
Digital Underground
De la Soul
Grandmaster Flash
Digable Planets