Rap/RnB Music Thread

I don’t notice anyone speaking on these genres too much. If you follow the scene let me know what you’re into.

I grew up on a lot of lo fi rap stuff like nujabes and Jdilla

jrap like

and a lot of underground or somewhat underground rap like
jurrasic 5

y society

mf doom

these days im into rappers and groups
like brockhampton

denzel curry

jid, earthgang

kevin Abstract

and oithers like kendrik , tyler the creatir, YBNK, Kanye(cause I really like his new stuff for some reason, jayz( cause I also really like his new stuff.

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This is something i could write about for ever and ever so i think i will keep it focused on what i currently have on heavy rotation. I’ll just post some tracks for your listening pleasure!

Transfer from Japanese Music Thread but it applies more here.

Oh you have a wide range of what you listen to. I could never get into music not in english.

Thanks everyone i’m emjoying listening to these new things.

Danny Brown

Yourissi your missing out jrap has this weird hard very articulate hard flow. And krap is smooth almost hypnotic style. But I 100.percent understand where you’re coming from

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