Rattle in mounting stud?

I have a new pair of Focal Elegia, and there is a little rattle in the left ear cup.

Unplugged, so no sound or power, if I gently shake the ear cups, I can hear something loose, like a maraca with only 1 bead in it.

Here’s the real kicker though - this only happens when the cup in in its relaxed position on the swivel studs. If I push the top of the cup in towards the other ear cup, swiveling the cup on the studs, this rattling sound completely disappears. I don’t have to move it a lot either, just a few mm and it instantly disappears.

Focal assembled these with the tiniest torx screws I’ve ever seen. I don’t have a bit this tiny, so I can’t disassemble them without hunting for an unusually tiny bit.

I am somewhat concerned that a loose screw behind the driver could cause damage at some future point, but with the sound completely disappearing when the cup swivels on the studs, I am wondering if maybe the spring that holds the cup in its “home” position is maybe just a little loose, and this is no big deal?

I could use some advice!

For those tiny bits i can recommend an ifixit kit or a knockoff of it when the price is too steep :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise I can’t really help :confused: