Razer USB Audio Enhancer

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write this in case anyone else has looked at this product:

I recently bought this because I wanted something to clear up the static on my mic. (Vmoda)
I got this because it was cheap, small, and it could be plugged in all the time. This thing works great. I like it better than the Syba Sonic because it is way smaller, plus it has digital volume control so it can control the volume of the OS.

I tried one of those smaller syba adapters for $8 but it didn’t work with the hyper x alpha headset I also use sometimes.

I tested this with the hyper x alpha, MH751, and Phillips+Vmoda. I adjusted the volume level in OBS so it wouldn’t be too loud, but otherwise that was it and there was 0 static on the recordings I made.

I cant really comment on the sound of the audio coming out of the adapter. I played some destiny 2 and it sounded about the same as on board, my team said my mic sounded great though.