Rb-61 IV upgrade to what

I prefer bi amp tower or bookshelf 1800cad max need a bit more sound stage and I love bass 60hz n down at high levels without a subwoofer is mint af.
I have a low budget but it’s time for an upgrade been abusing the klipsch for about 10 yrs now and seriously they took everything and just asked for more. I have a processor with graphic and parametric equalization crossover and time alignment compression and limiters and room eq with rta

Dacs: fiio q1 mk2 (fav for stereo dac), fiio m5, xduoo xd-05 fav for ldac bluetooth streaming.
Getting balanced dac after speakers

Preamp: bryston BP-25

Processor: dbx pa2 (changing to the dbx driverack 260 soon)

Amp: art sla1 [email protected]/[email protected]// //[email protected]/[email protected]
Discrete linear design