RB42s Bad for desktops?

After looking around I was deadset on buying a pair of RB42s because of their performance and the fact that I wouldn’t have to buy a sub. But looking around I kept hearing that I have to keep them pretty far from the wall to sound good because of the rear port affecting bass? I only have 2-3" of space to move the speakers from the wall before they’re right next to me. So I was wondering what setup I should go with for my desktop, I’ve singled out 3 options I think:

  1. RB42s + SMSL AD18 = $294

  2. MB42X + Lepy 2020A + Dayton 10" Powered Sub = 230

  3. Fluance Ai41 = $250

Option 2 is the cheapest and I’ve also seen other people use it online but the problem with that is its more equipment to set up, it also has the rear port, and idk how much room I’ll have for my legs with the sub. Option 3 seems to be the easiest to set up since it’s powered but idk about its performance. I heard (mostly zeos) talking about it lacking bass (Ai40s, hoping this has more bass?). I hope someone can help me with what would work for me since I have no idea what I’m doing. Mostly going to use for gaming and music.

P.S: Imgur: The magic of the Internet This is a picture of my setup atm. I’m gonna be moving the desktop into my closet and shifting everything to the middle when I buy the speakers.

you can tune the rear port to get rid of the bloat with something as simple as a sock. i wouldnt let that affect your choice.

edit: that being said, i think you have room for a small 10" sub under the desk. 8" would be perfect. have you thought about the 2.1 systems from edifier/swan?

Best options for a desk that size are iloud micro or vanatoo t0, anything bigger or back ported will give you weird resonances

Wouldn’t sealing them up change up their sound quite a bit? I feel like I would be mudding the bass and that’s the reason I was considering them.

I looked at the Edifier 2.1 system briefly but was told by 2 people that they might it be a good buy for the price since they put their value on being powered and Bluetooth. So I don’t know too much about them.

What do you think about the Neumi BS5s with the SA-300, considering they have good reviews and they’re front ported?

What do you think about the Neumi BS5s with the SA-300, considering they have good reviews and they’re front ported?

doubt they compete for anything but loudness, vanatoo in particular are reaally detailed sounding and the iloud’s are tuned like butter, do skip the ilouds if you wanna blast them tho

have not heard the neumi’s, but have heard good things about them. and no, it wont muddy the bass. just reduce the spl level’s bouncing off of your wall getting amplified. thats what will cause muddyness and boomyness.

Check out the PSB Alpha P3’s, similar size to the RB42’s with supposedly a more neutral sound. I use them on my desk and they look and sound great!

Personally I like how they sound on my desktop. The added bass bloat to me is just a good alternative to not having a sub gives my hip hop the life it needs. But the speakers themselves are not neutral in any way even when positioned properly

i have a sub behind my monitor, so i feel you. =)