RCA or TOSLINK for TV to Stereo System

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So, the issue is that I wanted to upgrade the TV speakers with my stereo system (space and budget constraints) rather than proper AVR, but it turns out that the TV could output through the TOSLINK only in cable mode (for some reason using TOSLINK through HDMI is not supported). But I don’t have a cable, I use the TV with PC and a few consoles (all with HDMI). On the stereo system end I have only RCA and TOSLINK in. That basically gives me 3 options:

(TV) RCA to (Stereo) RCA
(TV) 3.5mm to (Stereo) RCA
(TV) HDMI to (HDMI Switch) HDMI and then from (HDMI Switch) TOSLINK to (Stereo) TOSLINK

Which route should I take? I prefer to use simple solution, 3.5mm to RCA or RCA to RCA, but please let me know what are your suggestions, since I don’t have all the equipment to test for myself and really doesn’t want to make my system more complicated with the switch (another remote, another device taking space on the cabinet) if it’s avoidable.

Hi. From your description you may not need to route the audio through the TV at all. If the pc is the only source for the TV, send the video to the TV via hdmi and send audio directly to your stereo from the pc via RCA or (preferably) Toslink if your pc has Toslink output.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t been correct in my question, sorry. I fixed it now. I have also two consoles (PS3 (used for streaming, because ease of use) and Nintendo Switch), so I have to route the audio through the TV in some way or another, but since in your reply you say that (and I know) digital is preferable and not obligatory, that means I can still use RCA? If so is there any difference between RCA to RCA and 3.5mm (headphones out on the TV) to RCA (on the stereo)?

Yes, you can still use RCA. My guess is there will be very little difference b/w the tv’s rca and headphone output, but if I had to guess the rca will be a little higher in quality, if a difference exists. The RCA might have a fixed level output option, the headphone will be variable. That means you’ll have 2 places to adjust volume.

Just curious, what TV is this?

Thanks. So I might be using RCA after all. Even variable level output through the headphone out is not a problem for me, since I use it the same way as I use the DAC/AMP on PC. Maxing source volume and controlling only the AMP. Now the stereo system is connected to the PS3 via TOSLINK, so TV is maxed out and I control only the AMP via the provided remote, and with PC, TV is again maxed out and I control the Windows volume via the keyboard from distance (Logitech K400+).

The TV is old CCFL backlit Sharp LC-32D65E from 2008 (Made in Japan), but I prefer it, because my eyes are watering from LED, especially budget panels with PWM.
The stereo system is Denon D-M41DAB.

I hear ya. I’m still using a 2012 Panasonic plasma. LED of various forms have come a long way, but plasma just has such an organic, natural look to it I will miss.

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