RCA Splitter Cable Impact Audio Quality?

So, I purchased some RCA splitter cables from Amazon to split the signal from my D30 to go to my regular amp and my new ESP95X.

My question is, should this impact sound quality?

Just a quick test of turning one amp off while listening to the other doesn’t produce any noticable difference. I haven’t gone to the trouble of unplugging and replugging everything to test. I just thought I’d see what people thought about this.

I realize I can run preamp out to the ESP95X, but I’d like to use those for powered monitors.

Any info or thoughts would be appreciated. What do most people do who want to run multiple amps from one source?

These are the cables I’m using FYI:

It works just fine for me. I split the SE and the XLR out from my DAC (SMSL SU-8). It feeds four amps simultaneously and everything sounds great.

My D30 in the office just goes straight to my Liquid Spark. Nice little DAC.

I use the Amazon Brand RCA splitters, I have done extensive A/B comparisons several times with multiple pieces of equipment. I have NOT been able to hear a difference in SQ in any of my comparisons. I have NOT gotten any induced noise either. Usually when I split a signal ONLY one source is powered on and receiving a signal
Sometimes I use them to split out signal to provide an output for my subwoofers, there I have found a difference in SQ. My preference is to use subwoofers with speaker level inputs but I don’t have that choice with 2 of the main subs I use regularly. In comparing the 2 subs that are fed directly via speaker level inputs to the ones that are fed using RCA splitters there seems to be an overall loss in signal strength. I admit the comparison is not particularly fair because I am comparing 3 different brands, makes and styles but i do find that when fed a proper signal thru a subwoofer output rather than a RCA split signal the SQ is noticeably different in the subs with no speaker level inputs. Having stated this, it is currently my only option and I continue to use this method until I come up with a better solution.

I do NOT actually like using cable rca splitters, I prefer a proper switch box BUT do not like the versions with a volume control and also have found extensive signal bleed on the budget versions and at times what i believe is loss of SQ especially in the upper frequencies. The solution seems to be custom made much pricier models costing between $300 and $3K. Cost is the downside to the custom models but thru extensive research and questioning owners who do use them, I believe they do provide a better, cleaner approach if your equipment is of similar value.

With this knowledge in hand I continue to use Amazon RCA Y-splitters, a budget switch box (one little bear) and a passive pre-amp run in reverse, by Bellari audio, to split signals to my “budget” priced equipment. The more expensive pieces I run direct to each other and use overpriced fancy cable, I choose to minimize the possible downgrade of signal strength to pieces I have spent thousands each on. YMMV depending on many outliers, happy listening.

Y-Splitters should impact measurements if at all.