Ready to upgrade my 2.0 system, which active speaker to choose?

I’m currently running the little engines that could RB42’s off a Sony STRDH190 plugged in to my Lg CX via an old SMSL DAC/amp because my amp doesn’t have optical in and I occasionally use headphones to watch movies if its late.

I use the setup for 50% streamed TV and movies, 25% gaming, 25% music(mostly a headphone listener so more for ambience or party, not critical listening)

I would consider adding a sub like the SE12 but I’m not in a position where I am considering a center channel or surround setup.

I appreciate the convenience that a lot of the powered options provide, bluetooth, subout, remotes but I mostly want them to SOUND like an upgrade from my current setup.

I have had my eye on a few different powered speakers-
Klipsch The Fives
Swan M300mkii
Edifier S3000 pro
Kanto Tuk
Vanatoo T1e

Any options in my price range that I’m missing?
What would you guys recommend?

I live in Vancouver Canada so availability of things like the Swans is pretty scarce.
I’m hoping to keep the cost around 1000 cdn

The fives are small, I use mine in my living room with an SVS2000 (I had an SVS1000 for a while and it was fine too) sub.

They are a very dynamic sounding speaker, and not overly placement sensitive, mine replaced a sound bar, are about 8 inches from the wall, toed in to cross in front of the listening position.
If your room isn’t small you’ll want a sub, they have an active crossover for a sub and using it makes a big difference to how dynamic they sound.

Without one they boost Bass frequencies and at best it’s uncontrolled, and it detrimentally affects the rest of the output IMO.

I also have one of the inputs on mine connected to a RPi, for music streaming, and they are surprisingly good given the room/placement and size of the speaker.

Thats great information thank you. my room is about 11x20 so they should be more than enough.
when using a sub will adjusting the volume on the fives also adjust the sub volume?

Yes and it has a separate sub volume on the remote, you’ll also want to turn off the auto compensation when you add a sub.

I would love to give the Vanatoo’s a try. I recently bought a set of their Transparent 0’s and they are probably the best sounding near-field speakers I’ve ever heard. The T1e’s with a good sub would hold promise in my book but,I haven’t auditioned a set so take that with a grain of salt.

I would also consider a used pair of Klipsch RP600Ms and a cheaper stereo receiver, like Onkyo TX-8220 if you would like to go passive speakers and amp. Later you can get a better DAC if you feel like it.

Together those two would be around 1200 Canadian, at least when I checked from amazon. Buying speakers slightly used is not a problem if they are well kept, burn in is also done already :smiley: