Real HD 650s on Sale!

TODAY at Crutchfield

It’s still nuts to pay that much when the HD 6XX is essentially the same headphone at $239 right now at Drop.

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True that but at least with Crutchfield you’ll have a legit warranty lol.

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Fair point. But I don’t see nearly as many reports of failures or problems with the HD 6XX as with the Elex, for example.

Agree, but for me I wanted the real thing directly from Senn,
The point is these are fantasist headphones at a decent price.

Cool. Enjoy!

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We have few stores that sell HD650 with 350.
Normal price seems to 399.

Still crazy prices cause the HD6xx i paid (twice) was 214 with shipping. :smile:
Was just thinking should i sell my unpacked HD6xx… for a good price.

Just spotted this post. Just like to add that only a few weeks ago sennheiser had the Hd600 brand new , free postage to the uk for £218. So even though i have a mint Hd580 , and a Hd660s i bought a set . Quslity.