Real talk, I am out of the loop right now when it comes to the new stuff

As the title says it, I am out of the loop for lately I have not been in touch with the new audio stuff particularly IEMs. Just wondering what are the new stuff that you think I should pay attention to? And what are the new IEMs that are recently released that I should take consideration of owning one?

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With releases coming so fast and furious these days, I think you’re gonna have to be more specific and give people an idea of your tuning and music preferences so we can narrow the field a little bit. Maybe even a budget or price range would help, but I supposed that’s not necessary. Really just any infor you can throw in that might give some direction for those who might have suggestions for you would be helpful.

And welcome back to the fold!


Welcome back @K4sh1ma! Hope you doing well.

Oh, there’s so much new things that you gonna have to narrow it down.

Serratus earbuds.

The gap between premium and budget is closing day by day. And even 6 months can make some stuff obsolete. I recommend you grab a QKZxHBB or Salnotes Zero or Tanchjim Zero and have fun for months.

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If you’ve missed the majority of it, the planar IEM boom was kind of the last big market upset. @hawaiibadboy and others have done fantastic shootouts/comparisons, and there’s a little something for everyone (and more coming every week!).


Yeah I think I should have been more specific on the title I did. Probably on the affordable side like $30-100 of range when it comes to new IEMs. I am not even sure if there will be a time for me to even get an IEM that is at least 200USD, probably not due to some things going on right now.


The new trend is multi DDs IEMs. And the majority is within the $30~100 range. Its been a really good time for timbre focused consumers


IEMs I’ve tried and liked: KE Quartet (warm mild V shape but with good vocals on down-up config), Tanya DSP (better than One DSP and Quarks DSP), Juzear 41T (nice neutral with bass boost with great comfy shells), Hype2 (Thieaudio “cheap” hybrid), Zero:Red (still a great value for the price).

IEMs I have not tried: Binary x Gizaudio Chopin, Dunu Falcon Ultra, Simgot EA1000, KE Quintet (quadbrid).

IEMs that are upcoming: Aful MagicOne (1BA), KE Forteza (hybrid).

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Speaking about those types of IEMs, and as I continue to keep using it to this day. The Simgot EM6L has impressed me a lot and yes that still includes their 1DD which is the EA500, that I still cannot believe is a 1DD IEM set.

Simgot has been killing it and I didn’t have any clue about them in the first place until many reviewers like HBB, Zeos, Akros, etc. reviewed the EA500 and as well as the EM6L that introduced me to Simgot. Overall, I have no regrets purchasing the two, sure the EM6L is more considered as a sidegrade since it has still a similar tuning to the EA500, but to me the technicalities of the EM6L surprises me still and as well as its unique take on its Harman-curve tuning.

When Simgot hits, they never miss :heart: I had reviewed many iems they produced and given enough power even that was performing high!