Realisation and Understanding

By the word said Joshua_g, it comes up to my mind that I shouldn’t spend a lot on headphone for comp gaming so mh751 is my choice
But for casual I want to spend more.
Don’t want to spend more than 150 bucks
Monoprice retros
creative aurvana live
etc. could recommend other headphones
Music, I usually play a lot of RPG Ex. Sekiro, AC, Dark souls, Red dead so I prefer a good character’s vocal and soundtrack music and also fps title like Doom 2016. Also, I’m curious if Mono retros good for folk,j-pop, country music and how is it when comparing to x2hr or other headphones.
Note// is mono retros’ imaging ok
Cuz I want to play scrutinized. Need some imaging lol

If you really are on a budget but still want that good audio for both gaming and music. Go with the Philips SHP9500s. I tried those and man they are good, and I never expect it to have bass for an open back. Though it might be a bit sibilant for the trebles are a bit high and might not be for treble sensitive listeners.

I don’t mind it though since I am used to its sound signature and I like it, though it does not compete with my DT880 Pro in terms of sounds. Soundstage from SHP9500 are wide making it an ideal starter gaming headset if you want the advantage of hearing the enemy’s footsteps and then tracking them down.